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Climate Action Ideas

There are many steps that you can take to address the systemic roots of climate change.

We’ve included a broad range of options below, to meet a variety of perspectives and interests. None should be considered as an endorsement from All Saints Church, though the list has been reviewed by the Vestry.

Contacts and Petitions

There are various organizations working on climate action that have made the process of contacting your elected representative with an e-mail or phone call, extremely easy, almost automatic.

Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) is famously non-partisan, (it even has an active “conservative caucus”) and has been promoting placing a price on carbon at the industrial source directly coupled to a direct deposit monthly dividend paid to every US citizen. Most economists tell us that putting a price on carbon would bethe most effective and expedient means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This idea has recently been gaining traction in the budget negotiations in Washington. CCL has a very well designed web-based monthly calling campaign, that is amazingly easy to use. If you go to you can enter a zip code and get phone numbers for your senators and representatives in congress, and a (suggested) script of what to say. There is a text field where you can send a personalized email to your representatives instead of making the phone call. If interested, one can sign up for monthly email reminders to make the calls. It’s really easy. 

Right now there is also an option to send an email to President Biden asking him and congress to put a price on carbon within the reconciliation budget:

Greenpeace is another well-known organization working at the forefront to fight climate change. They are particularly focused right now on holding president Biden to his campaign promise to ban all new oil and gas permits within the US.

Their website offers much information, as well as other opportunities for action. is an organization working to fight climate change by building a global grassroots movement to stop all new coal, gas and oil development. (Bill McKibben is one of the founders). Their web page is at

You will find numerous links to actions and petitions one can take or sign to encourage many countries, (not just the U.S.) to take systemic action. They also provide many opportunities for members to take action.

At the MN state level, you can urge your state representatives and Senators to support a mandate for 100% clean electricity generation throughout MN.  Despite many naysayers, MN has already achieved, years ahead of schedule, its earlier commitment to 25% clean electricity. We now need to go all the way! Major utilities (e.g. Xcel) are already on board. Sign up to support the 100% Clean Electricity Campaign at the following website.

There are of course many, many other non-governmental organizations active in climate change that could have been included here. These include:

NRDC – Natural Resource Defense Council has an active legal and scientific program directed at mitigating the effects of climate change, especially in areas like protecting wilderness from oil, gas and coal exploration and extraction. (The actor Robert Redford has been their “poster child” for many, many years.) Here is a web page specifically focused on their position on climate change:

Sierra Club is very well known, (and apparently so effective that they were denied their 501(c)3 tax status many years ago for opposing development near the Grand Canyon; so be aware that contributions are not tax deductible). They have been particularly active in efforts to promote electric vehicles and close the oldest and most polluting of coal fired power plants. Here is a direct link to their “Take Action” web-page:

Organization Support

Another way to support climate action is through membership in or donation to an organization supporting millions of persons fleeing war, persecution, violence and oppression around the world, much of which has an underlying climate related cause. A few organizations, (one does not need to search hard to find others) supporting “climate refugees/migrants” are:

IRC – International Rescue Committee, whose website states that it was “…founded at a suggestion of Albert Einstein” is one of the oldest such organizations, and of course, is currently assisting Afghan families arriving in the US.

As you would suspect, the United Nations is also very active in this area via the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees:

…as is the Nobel Peace Prize winning NGO, Doctors Without Borders-Medecins Sans Frontier:

The American Red Cross and other similar organizations are of course deeply involved in attempting to support the millions of people dealing with flooding and loss of shelter as a result of recent climate change related disasters, (e.g. hurricane Ida, Ranch Fire, etc.) within the United States. You can support their work at: