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About All Saints

All Saints is a diverse community of Christians from all walks of life, young and old, singles and families. We embrace all, regardless of background, race, sexuality or gender, to walk with us as we seek to follow the way of Jesus.

We are part of The Episcopal Church, a branch of the Anglican Communion, a global church with roots in the Church of England.

One of Northfield’s oldest congregations, we gather in the town’s oldest church building at the edge of the downtown historic district.

We are committed to service, to our neighbors in need and to the health of our planet.

We are grounded in the deepest roots of Christian tradition, but we celebrate questions and welcome a diversity of experiences of the divine.

We gather to worship God together with prayers and music drawn from millennia of Christian practice, feeding both the spirit and the mind.

Whether you’re an Episcopalian from birth, someone looking for a new religious home, or someone exploring Christianity for the first time, we have a place for you. Please visit or contact us!