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We are committed to helping people of all ages grow in their faith, learn the history and stories that shape us as Christians, and support each other in following Christ. Our childrens’ programming has been disrupted by the pandemic, but please get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about where we are in our rebuilding process.

For Children

We strive to provide Sunday morning education for children of all ages. The program varies depending on the number and ages of the children in our community.

For Youth

We organize weekday social and service events for preteens and teens. We also provide Confirmation classes for teens looking to commit themselves as full members of the church.

For Adults

We have a weekly Adult Forum at 9:30am Sundays in the Fireside Room, where we dive deep into the Bible and reflect on the ways that it speaks to our lives and faith. We also host limited-time topical or book discussion groups during the year. Special orientation classes are scheduled as needed for those new to the faith or to the Episcopal Church.