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What We Believe

This is the page on most church sites where you’d find long lists of theological statements and rules about what you have to believe and how you have to behave.

That’s not the kind of place the Episcopal Church is.

We believe that God loves you — no exceptions. If you’d like to join us in exploring that reality and figuring out what it means for your life and how you live with others, we’d love to have you.

That’s not to say you won’t find plenty of Episcopalians who are happy to talk about the history and theology of our particular branch of Christianity. If that’s what you’re looking for, our national church has some good summaries:

The Episcopal Church: What We Believe

But most Episcopalians will tell you that we’re not a church that is defined by what we believe; rather, we’re a church that’s defined by how we gather together to worship God and how we live out our faith in our lives.

We’re not a church focused on having an answer to every question; rather, we’re a church that welcomes questions and doubts on our journey to become better followers of Jesus.

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