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Position Description


The purpose of the Sexton is to keep the building and grounds of All Saints Church clean and orderly, to help set up shared space for use as needed, and to keep other parish staff and leadership advised of dangers and concerns about the condition and maintenance of buildings and grounds.

Job Responsibilities


  • vacuum carpets throughout the church
  • sweep and mop floors in bathrooms (5), kitchen, sacristy, and flower room
  • dust window sills in sanctuary, parish commons, and fireside room
  • remove trash and recycling throughout the church
  • remove cobwebs throughout the church, especially in the sanctuary
  • monitor yard for debris/trash


  • mop hardwood floors in sanctuary
  • vacuum elevator car
  • test emergency exit lights


  • deep clean of sanctuary (typically during the Spring)

AS NEEDED (which may require additional hours/comp time)

  • replace furnace filters
  • fill water softener with salt
  • set up tables and chairs for events, weddings, funerals, etc.

Hours and Compensation

This position will start at $16/hr for approximately 5 hours per week.

Who are we?

All Saints is a vibrant and growing church community located in downtown Northfield, Minnesota. Our church building is historic (built in the 1860s) and has all the quirks and curiosities of an old building. Our building is used by various groups and individuals throughout the week and no two weeks are the same around here. Our parish community is made up of people who live literally across the street and down the block and people who commute thirty or more minutes each way. We have many college students as part of our community and are active in various outreach ministries throughout town. We are a welcoming and affirming community where all are welcome.

Who we hope you are

We hope that you are a team-player and eager to serve alongside us. We hope that you have reliable transportation so that you can make it to work on a regular basis and, if needed, respond in an emergency. We hope that you are comfortable working independently and staying in regular communication with our staff and volunteer leaders. We hope that you are able to operate the tools and appliances necessary to help steward our building and grounds. We hope that you are comfortable working with a church even if you aren’t a church person. We also hope that you’ll help us extend a warm welcome to all people.

Who would you be working with?

Your first point of contact would be our Junior Warden (vice president of the congregation.) The Junior Warden will help resource you and make connections with other staff and volunteers in the parish. In terms of employment, your supervisor would be our Rector (pastor) and one of our Co-Treasurers will help you navigate human resources matters. You will also work from time-to-time with volunteers from the congregation.

To apply, please send a resume with at least two references to:

Father Cody Maynus, Rector (
Please feel free to email Fr. Cody for more information or with additional questions.